22 Oct 2011.
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Cars Emit Less CO₂ per Passenger km than Buses
Outside of London even a car containing only the driver outperforms the bus.
Government emissions data shows that buses outside of London emit an average of 221g/km CO₂e (CO₂ equivalent) per passenger km compared to a small petrol car (201g/km), a small diesel car (172g/km) and a medium diesel car (215g/km). A car containing 2 people would obviously halve these figures. London buses manage 102g/km due to their higher average occupancy 1.

Buses outside London 221g/km
Small petrol car 210g/km
Small diesel car 172g/km
Medium diesel car 215g/km

ABD Environment Spokesman Paul Biggs said:
“Perhaps those who criticise lone car drivers should turn their attention to empty off-peak buses instead. Although buses provide an important public service, even London can only manage an average occupancy of around 15 passengers. Modern efficient cars outperform buses not just for CO₂ emissions, but for genuine pollutants as well.” 2.
The data was compiled by DEFRA and DECC for use by employers who wish to interfere in the travel arrangements of staff. Perhaps they might not now be so keen given the poor emission performance of buses compared to cars.

1. Local Transport Today, 21/10/11, Cars outperform buses in emissions rankings
2. ABD PR 674, 29/07/09, Cars ARE cleaner than buses
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