8 Jan 2011.
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Petrol at £1 a Litre to Kickstart Economy. Not HS2
The ABD suggests a better use for the £32 Billion HS2 Fund
It will come as a shock to many that our 'cash strapped' country has £32 billion spare to spend on one railway line. ABD Chairman Brian Gregory suggests just one possible alternative use for this colossal sum of money:
“Imagine what reducing fuel to around £1 per litre would do to kickstart the UK economy, bringing down prices of goods in the shops and taking thousands out of poverty. That is what £32 billion could achieve for more than eight years. 1
£32 billion could have been used to scrap VAT on road fuel altogether for the next eight years plus. 2
That rather puts this colossal sum into perspective. Instead the government are apparently set to completely ignore public opinion and build this white elephant which will only save a few businessmen a few minutes.”

1. Subject to other price fluctuations and VAT remaining at 20%
2. VAT take on road fuel around £3.8 billion per annum
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