1 Feb 2011.
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The 'Inconvenient Truth' on Speed Limit Infringement?
The ABD calls upon Justice Minister Ken Clarke to provide evidence that minor speed limit infringements are causing casualties before almost doubling speeding fines from £60 to £100.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory explains:
“The vast majority of speeding fines are for low level infringements by sober, otherwise legal drivers. Despite previous challenges from the ABD, the government seem totally unable to provide any evidence that such drivers are causing or even involved in more than a handful of accidents. Tellingly, neither can the campaigning organisations calling for more enforcement. Of course, a number of casualties do involve drivers travelling above speed limits (around 5-6%), however nobody in government seems to know, or even more concerningly, be at all interested in finding out how many of these 'speeding' drivers are sober, licenced drivers travelling within a few MPH of the limit and how many are also drunk, drugged, unlicenced, in stolen cars or travelling at reckless speeds well above the limit. For all we know most 'above speed limit' casualties could fall into the latter category.”
The simple question to Mr Clarke is: 'How many people are killed or seriously injured annually by sober liicenced drivers travelling above but within 20% of a speed limit?'. Until you collate this information you have no evidence to justify continued and increased hounding of such drivers. There is no excuse as estimated speed, alcohol, licence details etc are recorded after each and every fatal or serious accident. All it would take is a few days work for a data input clerk to collate them but perhaps the truth is too inconvenient?

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