18 Mar 2012.
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Key to Lower Fuel Prices is Tax, Not Taps
Scrapping the Planned Fuel Duty Increase is Not Enough. Cuts in Duty are Essential
With the British government levying the highest taxes on road fuel in the EU, tinkering at the edges by 'opening the taps' on reserves can have only minimal effect. David Cameron admitted in America recently that petrol prices "have a big effect on consumer confidence", telling American students that "our fuel costs would make you faint".

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory comments:
“Fuel tax increases are regressive, hitting the poorest drivers the hardest and slowing recovery of the economy. It is unfair and unproductive to continue ripping off the hard working people of Britain. Fuel taxes must be slashed NOW.”
The ABD has previously called for the £32 billion planned spend for High Speed Rail to be used instead to kickstart the economy by removing VAT from road fuel for the next 8 years. 1

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