29 Apr 2012.
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20MPH Limits — Be Careful What You Wish For
Since the current government changed the rules to allow councils to introduce 20MPH limits at whim, there has been a vociferous campaign to get blanket introduction in many towns, the latest being Brighton 1
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory points out the pitfalls:
”Campaigners invariably use examples of narrow, hazardous residential streets where they claim 20 limits will be wonderful. Indeed, we have no quarrel with 20 limits or even lower on such roads, the problem is the use of blanket limits. Just try driving on some of the wide boulevards with houses set well back from the road at 20mph where these limits will also apply and see how unrealistic and pointless this will be.

On a more sinister level we can guarantee that these areas are precisely where the camera vans will be lying in wait to remove a quarter of one's driving licence for creeping slightly over 20. When did you last see enforcement carried out on narrow congested residential streets?

There are also major issues of distraction danger with drivers' eyes away from the road checking the speedometer, destruction of respect for limits in general and cost.

There is no evidence that expenditure on wide-area 20mph limits is cost effective in terms of reducing road casualties versus spending it on other road safety measures.

1. BBC — Plans for 20mph roads across Brighton and Hove
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