22 May 2012.
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33% Increase in Dartford Crossing Tolls Condemned
The increase in crossing tolls for cars at Dartford has been branded outrageous by the ABD
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory comments:
“This will come as a bitter blow to users of the crossing. Not only is there to be a 33% increase in October this year, the DfT has announced a further 25% increase in October 2014 1. At a time when we should be assisting mobility to get the economy back on its feet, the government gives another kicking to the hard pressed driver. The government should be sticking to the original promise for a permanently free crossing when the costs of the crossing were repaid in 2003”."
The Government has ignored the large number of responses to their consultation which suggested charges should be removed to ease congestion, and that charges should not be increased. The consultation document they issued contained a very biased analysis of the economic justification for increased charges 2.

1. DfT statement
2. The ABD's original submission to the consultation
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