12 June 2012.
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Lancashire Police Ignore Law Lords Ruling
The actions by Lancashire Police in fining drivers for flashing their headlights to warn of a speed trap 1 are in direct contravention of a landmark legal decision in 2006.
In that case, lorry driver Charles Glendinning was found not guilty at Taunton Crown Court of ‘obstructing the police in the execution of their duty’ by waving his arm out of the window of his cab to warn oncoming drivers. An appeal by the Director of Public Prosecutions to the High Court failed on the grounds that there was no evidence that any of the drivers warned were breaking the speed limit, or were likely to do so 2. Three Law Lords subsequently refused permission for a further appeal to the House of Lords. One of them, Mr Justice Owen, commented that some people might think the police ought to appreciate the efforts of others to prevent speeding 3.

ABD chairman Brian Gregory comments:
”The High Court and Law Lords rulings settled this matter once and for all. It is outrageous that Lancashire Police should ignore it or try to get round it with charges of 'misuse of headlights'. If they really wanted to encourage people to obey speed limits, rather than catch them speeding, they should applaud those who warn others. Those prosecuted should seek legal advice, quoting the Glendinning case.”

1. Daily Mail — Drivers fined for flashing headlights at oncoming cars to warn them of police speed trap
2. Daily Telegraph — Lorry driver cleared of speed camera warning
3. Daily Telegraph — Honest John's agony column (see 'I fought the law...')
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