25 Jun 2012.
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Greening Still Sees Motorists as Cash Cows
Transport Secretary and train commuter, Justine Greening, has shown how out of touch she is with Britain's 44 million motorists by suggesting in today's Telegraph 1 that motorists should be paying more to help clear Britain's deficit. She also gives further backing to the 'white elephant' HS2.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory comments:
“Does Ms Greening not understand? Britain's drivers already donate an out of proportion and excessive sum to the nation's coffers, subsidising all manner of things like her beloved HS2 project. By excessively taxing movement of the nation's workforce she is not helping repay the deficit, she is stifling the economy. If she were to scrap HS2 the £32 billion could be used to stimulate the economy by removing VAT altogether from road fuel for the next 8 years or even cutting 40% off road fuel prices for the next 4 years. The resultant growth could get us out of this mess.”

1. Daily Telegraph — Pay up, motorists: Transport Secretary Justine Greening says she will not stop rise in fuel tax

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