28 Jun 2012.
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Danger of Knee Jerk Reaction to Casualty Statistics
Whilst the latest road casualty statistics 1 can only be described as bad news, extra research must be carried out into causation factors before pandering to the inevitable demands from pressure groups to spend money in the same old failing areas.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory commented:
“It is very easy to jump to conclusions that this is all about turning off cameras. However, all the evidence from areas where this has occurred has shown little overall change and in some cases less casualties. In a recession, many factors could be present. For example an increase in pedestrian and cycling casualties could simply be down to more people walking and cycling due to the cost of driving. Whilst we would welcome an increase in the road safety budget it is vital that it is spent in the most productive areas. We must have a proper and above board analysis before any decisions are made.”

1. Dft — Reported road casualties Great Britain: main results 2011

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