10 Aug 2012.
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ABD Backs Judge's Call
ABD Backs Judge's Call for Tougher Sentencing for Aggravated Vehicle Taking
Judge Rodger Hayward-Smith QC said he was restricted by parliament in sentencing two car thieves who fled a crash scene leaving a driver with a broken back and bleeding to her brain after ploughing into her car following a 100mph chase including doing 80mph in a 30 limit 1.
Incredibly, despite a string of other offences they were sentenced to only 18 and 16 months in prison, the most the judge was allowed to give despite his belief that they both deserved to go to prison for a "very long time".

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory commented:
“We in the ABD are sick of hearing of such lenient sentences being handed out to serial car thieves who drive recklessly. One only has to watch any of the 'Traffic Cops' type programmes to see numerous similar cases. It seems that car thieves are treated more leniently than licensed drivers in legally owned vehicles, which cannot be right. They should be sentenced both for the theft as well as the driving offences. Another aspect of concern is that these incidents are recorded as 'speed related'. We have attempted to find out how many 'speed related' crashes involve stolen cars or drunk, drugged or unlicensed drivers but nobody seems to know or care. Therefore all these incidents are used to justify more cameras and lower limits, as if these would make the slightest difference to these people.”

1. Daily Telegraph — Judge attacks 'awful' soft justice as drivers who left woman, 25, crippled are jailed for 18 months

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