26 Oct 2012.
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What are Your PCC Candidates Planning for the Roads?
ABD Stresses the Importance of Questioning Police Crime Commissioner Candidates Over their Aims
Many PCC candidates are keeping suspiciously quiet over their plans for road policing 1. If mentioned at all it is often a few vague lines buried in the manifesto. With only a few weeks left until counties vote in a commissioner who will be in charge of police road safety policy, the ABD urges voters and the press to prise the details out of reluctant candidates.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said: Brian Gregory
“Whoever is elected in your county will steer the direction of road safety policy. You need to know what their plans are before choosing. Will they be flooding the county with speed cameras and more officers sitting behind speed guns, or will they, as some candidates have stated, be scrapping all cameras and concentrating on careless, reckless and dangerous driving. Some candidates seem very reluctant to comment in detail, wishing to avoid controversy. This simply is not acceptable.

Many have not yet realised quite how important this vote is. It is vital that the public know what they are getting and vote for the correct candidate. Getting it wrong and electing somebody who has no understanding of safe driving or traffic policing could result in more people losing their licences and worse, more people losing their lives if policy is badly targeted.”

1. www.choosemypcc.org.uk
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