29 Oct 2012.
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80mph Trials Must Be Fair
ABD Condemns DfT Attempt to Nobble 80mph Motorway Speed Limit Trial
The Association of British Drivers is exasperated to hear that the Department of Transport intends to trial 80mph motorway speed limits only on sections of motorway which have variable speed limits 1. ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries explained:
“Motorways with variable speed limits are invariably busy urban sections which carry far more traffic than they were designed for — these are the last places such a trial should be carried out.”
The ABD wants to see fair trials carried out in a variety of locations around the country, on rural 3 lane sections of motorway, especially those sections with relatively low traffic levels.

Suitable sections of motorway might include: Only if these trials prove successful should the trial be extended to other sections such as those with variable speed limits.

Brian Gregory ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
“It sounds as if the DfT are attempting to manipulate the results of the trial before the so called 'consultation' has even started. The government must put a stop to sham consultations where decisions have clearly been made in advance. Only trials on free flowing sections of motorway will enable results to be properly assessed.”

1. HoC Transport Committee - Road safety: Government Response to the Committee's Second Report of Session 2012-13 [PDF]
Page 8.
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