18 Jan 2012.
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Speed limit guidance may criminalise 50% of drivers
Speed limit guidance from the Department for Transport1 may criminalise 50% of drivers
DfT issues guidance which may result in 50% of drivers exceeding the speed limit on many roads. Why? Because they have recommended that the mean speed of traffic be used when setting local speed limits. But the 85th percentile of road users speed is a much better measure because using that to set the limit will ensure maximum compliance. This new recommendation from the DfT will ensure that many road users perceive any limit set by using this new criteria as unrealistic and hence they are likely to ignore it.

Regrettably the DfT has kowtowed to anti-car groups who do not understand the technical factors that determine the optimum speed at which traffic should flow for maximum road safety. The 85th percentile is best for determining the safest and most cost-effective speed limit. It avoids driver frustration which tends to create more accidents, not less.

More Information:
The ABD's submission to the consultation on this matter, where our views are more fully explained.

1. Setting local speed limits: Department for Transport circular 01/2013
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