4 Feb 2012.
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ABD Welcomes Godfrey Bloom MEP as a Patron
The Alliance of British Drivers is delighted to welcome Godfrey Bloom MEP as a patron.
Godfrey Bloom said: Godfrey Bloom MEP
“For many years I have become uncomfortable with the lack of basic understanding of road safety concepts. Politicians generally understand very little about anything. They have no formal training, have to re-seek office regularly, they knee jerk reaction to problems originally often of their own making. Honesty is usually a bar to re-election. Masterly inactivity is alien to the politician`s creed. He must be seen to ‘do something’, however idiotic.

Road safety problems manifest this phenomenon particularly. Activity is always cost based. It is the nature of the beast. So government gets rid of the highly trained and motivated British traffic policeman, acknowledged to be the best in the world, because they were deemed too expensive. Not only are cameras on sticks cheaper they actually make money. This enormous scam, equalled only by wind turbines, is a political dynamic allowed to flourish by astonishingly lazy journalism. Well, this sort of thing is a reflection of modern society.

However, infinitely more alarming, is that the police have now bought into the scam. Local politicians and policeman of senior rank have no training in interpreting statistics. They are therefore prey to every camera (snake oil) salesman that comes up their drive. They will glaze over if you talk of regression to the mean, or the implications of a Simpson`s paradox. In short you can sell them anything. Resources therefore go to the wrong place. The speed awareness lecturers read from flawed scripts to bewildered middle England drivers who were ‘nicked’ for doing 34mph in a 30mph district, and blackmailed into handing over cash to avoid a potentially damaging licence endorsement.

These lectures should be given (with a better script) to lower sixth form children one year away from their first car. Young men still kill themselves in appalling numbers while their parents waste half the day listening to the drone of the classroom bore who means well but understands nothing.

I have ploughed an independent field on this subject, with little success, as middle England morale is now so low they respond to almost nothing save the dinner gong.

The Alliance of British Drivers have given me fresh hope. Their expertise is enormous and in depth. They and a few others are joining the fight back for motorists against the money grabbing establishment, fake charities and fellow travellers. I am proud to be a patron.”

ABD Acting Chairman, Brian MacDowall said:
“Godfrey is spot on with his comments; the ABD, as a grass roots organisation, knows he is on the same wavelength as the majority of the public who are sick to death of being over regulated and over taxed out of their vehicles; the political class see drivers as a cash cow to be milked at will.

We are delighted to have him and our other outspoken, independently minded patrons, on board; with people of Godfrey's calibre we will be better equipped to fight back against the continuing war on the motorist”

Mr Bloom is a member of the European ‘Parliament’ for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.
He is an ex HGV licence holder, British Army competition driver, has a clean licence and 45 year no claim discount!
He is a retired investment banker highly knowledgeable about statistics and their misuse.

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