7 July 2013.
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ABD's Response to Traffic Police Cuts
The Alliance of British Drivers has this comment on the PR issued by Brake 1
The ABD shares the concern of Brake about the reduction in traffic police, but considers that the kind of emotive rhetoric so beloved by Brake is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

The reduction in traffic police has arisen for two reasons:
  1. Some government ‘expert’ who foolishly pronounced that traffic police were “elite“, and should be cut.
  2. The money-grabbing mentality that has replaced properly trained police officers capable of exercising discretion, with automated mugging machines that in the words of one police officer “have made the police the enemy of the motorist”. 2

1. Brake PR
2. Un-named West Midlands police officer writing in 'POLICE' (The newspaper of the Police Federation), March 2004
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