10 July 2013.
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Black Box Curfews Must End Following Deaths
Two teenagers tragically died whilst trying to beat a night time curfew imposed by their insurance company`s ‘black box’. 1
The ABD calls on insurance companies to suspend all such curfews with immediate effect to avoid further tragedy.

ABD spokesman Brian MacDowall said:
"We have long had doubts about ‘black box’ recorders and these deaths highlight a very real risk. These are some of the unintended consequences of over reliance in onboard technology which does nothing to address the real problem of raising driving standards of all drivers. That can only be addressed by education courses such as the promotion of advanced and post test driving courses which raise the level of skill behind the wheel. Night time curfews do nothing to encourage young people who want to become drivers who combine confidence with responsibility. Ironically, tragedies like these could even lead to a rise in the already sky high cost of car insurance".

1. AOL Cars news story concerning the deaths of Oliver Pain and Harry Smith.
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