19 Feb 2014.
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Low Speed Limits Engage Autopilot
The IAM has warned of the dangers of 'driving on autopilot' due to distractions. 1
The ABD points out that the suppression of attentive driving by the naive obsession with lower speed limits is a major cause of distraction.

ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries explains:
"Driving at a speed with a good balance between speed and safety demands that the driver give full attention to the road. When drivers are forced to drive at absurdly low speeds, they stop paying attention, because they no longer percieve any risk. Their mind wanders off to other worries."
The constant lowering of speed limits, often by pandering to naive but vociferous lobby groups who have no real perspective on safe driving, shows that the 'powers that be' are no longer fit to set speed limits.

Proposals to enforce stupidly low 60mph speed limits on some motorways sections, entirely because of some daft EU 'green' dictat 2 3, will further incite inattentive driving and cause more accidents.

The ABD calls for:

1. IAM — One in ten drivers admit to autopilot
2. HA Consultation on proposed M1 speed limit
3. HA Consultation on proposed M3 speed limit
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