26 April 2014.
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ABD Condemns 'Presumed Guilt' As Rewarding Reckless Road Use
Drivers' group The Alliance of British Drivers are calling attempts by cyclists to lobby the Scottish parliament in favour of 'presumed guilt' into Civil Law as unjust, perverse and a fraudsters charter.
The law would mean that regardless of who caused an accident, the driver of the larger vehicle would be presumed guilty and therefore liable unless they can prove their innocence.

Spokesman Sean Corker elaborated:
“A driver could be involved in an accident caused, for an example by a cyclist running a red light, yet potentially face hefty legal bills trying to prove their innocence.”
The ABD are angry that the cycling lobby and Green Party taking part in today's rally, believe that such miscarriages of justice are a price worth paying to further their narrow self interest.

Advocates also believe that the threat of further financial penalty will bring about "a culture change" on our roads but that good drivers won't be affected. The ABD believe that this is dangerous, dishonest and a backward step for road safety.

All drivers could potentially be affected in the same way that we are all potentially vulnerable to credit card fraud or identity theft. No driver wants to have an accident or cause harm to other road users. We are very aware that a bicycle offers zero protection in a collision and the overwhelming majority already drive carefully and safely because of this. The idea that the threat of financial penalty is a greater incentive than the threat of potentially harming another person is frankly insulting.

The ABD would warn policy makers that:
Introducing a law that makes miscarriages of justice more likely is wrong.
The roads are for all and creating an artificial hierarchy will create discord and division.

The roads of the United Kingdom have been among the safest in the world for decades and safer than those countries that currently have a version of this law.

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