14 Aug 2014
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If Roads Problems Won't Go Away, Then Neither Will Driver Discontent
The `war on the motorist` has not been ended as promised.
This summer, millions of Britain's drivers have crawled to their holidays on crumbling roads, congested with road works. 1

Yet two-thirds of drivers are unaware that that they pay roughly five times over for the service they get. 2

ABD Director Ian Taylor said:
The 'war on the motorist' has not been ended as promised. Instead, branches of central and local government are promoting measures that can only be described as "anti-car". They seem sold on the idea of discouraging personal mobility.

Britain's drivers deserve better from our public servants, which is why the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has teamed up with NMAG (National Motorists' Action Group) to produce a Motorists' Charter.

This puts forward some reasonable demands, such as getting the roads we've paid for, adequate parking facilities and generally fairer treatment for drivers. I urge drivers to read it over the holiday period.
It can be downloaded from the ABD website [pdf].
Since the last general election, the RAC has warned of growing driver discontent. If the authorities won't respect their views, the problems won't go away, and neither will Britain's drivers, over 30 million of whom have votes. 3

The ABD competition, "Does Your Council Give You the Hump?" has already had some interesting nominations for Best and Worst Council.

I encourage everyone to have their say before it closes on 31st August. You could win a top prize of £200, with two £50 prizes for the runners-up".
Full details, including a short video on YouTube.

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2. Recent Opinion poll for the ABD
3. View of IFS researchers in 'Fuel For Thought'
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