5 Sep 2014.
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ABD Members Reject Spurious 20mph 'Quality of life' Claims
ABD Survey Part 2
Members of the campaign group ABD have overwhelmingly rejected the claims made by 20mph advocates that reducing speed limits will increase cycling, walking and improve health and ‘quality of life’. ABD spokesman Sean Corker said,
“It is vital that we challenge assumptions made by 20mph advocates and local authorities to prevent them becoming accepted as fact.
Claims made by 20mph advocates for road safety 1, about walking, cycling and quality of life are being exposed as either grossly exaggerated or simply not true. Yet advocates continue to assert these claims as justification for their attempts to force people to use 'compromised' modes of transport instead of their cars.
He continued
If 20mph advocates are serious about increasing walking and cycling as opposed to just punishing drivers, then let's build on current good practice. Cycle routes situated in beautiful countryside 2 are only a short car trip away for the vast majority of people and bike racks on cars are becoming an increasingly common sight. A 2011 study found that the average dog owner walks 36 miles a week 3.

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