11 Oct 2014.
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Cancel Speeding Penalties for Drivers Fooled by False Signs
Police Prosecute Despite Illegal Signs
The ABD is astonished that drivers fooled by 'prankster' 40mph signs on the A630 near Rotherham have been penalised by South Yorkshire Police 1. The road has a 30mph speed limit but 40mph signs, which appeared to be genuine, were displayed along it for up to three days before the council removed them. Several drivers were penalised for exceeding the 30mph limit while the false signs were displayed, including one caught by a mobile camera van parked across the road from one of the signs.

ABD director Brian Macdowall commented
"It is outrageous that drivers should be penalised for speeding when they were obeying what they thought was the speed limit. There is a legal requirement on highway authorities to ensure that the correct signs are displayed to advise drivers of the speed limit in force on a road 2. The police should also check that a speed limit is correctly signed before starting any enforcement activity. They clearly failed to do so in this case."
He continued
"If these penalties are not revoked it means that even the most law-abiding drivers are at risk if speed limit signs cannot be trusted. All drivers caught while the false signs were displayed must be exonerated."

1. Daily Telegraph — Drivers tricked by 'fake' 40mph speed limit signs
2. Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, Section 85.
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