1 Apr 2015.
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ABD Survey: Government Has Failed To End "War on Motorists"
Alliance of British Drivers' members have given the thumbs down to the Coalition's record on drivers.
When asked whether the Government had kept its promise to end the War on Motorists 1, 75% said it had failed and 24% said it had only partially succeeded.

The current coalition government promised to 'end the war on the motorist'.
In your view has the government achieved this?
Yes 30.6%
In some respects11524.4%

Recipients cited: With an election just weeks away, members were asked which party they trusted to deliver a fair deal for drivers, only 15% trusted the Conservatives, 2% trusted Labour, 1.5% the Lib Dems and 28% UKIP. Over 50% didn't trust any party to represent them.

Which party would you trust to deliver a fair deal for drivers if elected?
Lib Dems71.4%
None of the above34451.8%

ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
“The car is essential to the country's economy and the lives of millions of people, creating opportunity and increasing quality of life. However, drivers are saying loud and clear that over the last 5 years, the Government has failed to keep its promise to end the war on motorists. Drivers are especially angered by the continual reduction of speed limits demanded by vested interest lobby groups. Road safety should be about improving poor drivers not punishing good drivers. With the election just weeks away and with the prospect of another close result, perhaps political parties will come to regret not doing more for the nation's 30million licence holders.”

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2. Daily Mail — Coalition will "end war on the motorist", Transport Secretary pledges

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