12 Jun 2015.
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Motorists Should Stand up for Their Rights
A call to arms for all drivers : Celebrating Magna Carta with a 21st century mobility charter
This summer, millions of Britain's drivers will likely crawl to their holidays on a crumbling road network, congested with road works. Yet according to a survey carried out for the ABD last year, some two-thirds of drivers are unaware that they pay roughly five times over for the service they get. 1

ABD director Ian Taylor said:
“We have been promised more than once by politicians that the 'War on the Motorist' would be ended. That has been something of a false promise: at every turn measures continue to be promoted that can only be described as "anti-car". Government at all levels seem sold on the idea that meaningful individual personal mobility must be discouraged - a policy instead of getting people out of cars and onto bikes or public transport or their feet at all costs, and sometimes by coercive means . Britain's drivers deserve better from our public servants.
Last year The ABD teamed up with the National Motorist's Action Group (NMAG) and produced a Motorists' Charter. This puts forward some reasonable, well researched demands, such as getting the roads we've paid for, adequate parking facilities at a reasonable price and generally fairer, dare I say less discriminatory, treatment for drivers. It was originally produced for the run-up to the election, but motoring issues were largely by-passed yet again by the major parties so we considered the anniversary of Magna Carta an appropriate time to remind people about it. Charters have long been a way to bring forward matters of public concern, especially by groups that that consider themselves ignored much of the time.

The problems with Britain's underfunded roads won't go away - neither will around 30 million drivers (who have votes). I urge drivers to read it, download it, and use it as a lobbying tool.”

1. Download The Motorists' Charter [pdf]
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