29 Nov 2015.
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Stop Rogue Police Forces Bending Rules for Profit
ABD calls on Olly Martins to withdraw threats
As Chancellor George Osbourne cancels plans to cut police funding, the ABD calls upon Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins to immediately withdraw threats to make up the police budget by using zero tolerance enforcement of the 70MPH motorway limit. PCC Martins planned to use cameras intended to enforce variable limits at times of congestion, switching them on at 70MPH and using the increased profits (over and above the profits his force already make from speed cameras) to make up the shortfall in funding.

The ABD calls on the government to urgently enshrine in law National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC - formerly ACPO) guidelines that a tolerance of 10% + 2MPH be applied to all speed enforcement and for police to be banned from misusing variable limit cameras intended only to reduce congestion on motorways to enforce the 70mph limit.

ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries comments:
“The profit motivation behind camera enforcement has recently been made very clear by PCC Olly Martins. We have heard of other rogue police authorities failing to apply the ACPO recommendation of a 10% + 2MPH leeway which is there for valid safety reasons. Drivers need to be able to concentrate on the road without fear that the slightest slip over the limit of 1MPH will result in penalties and possible loss of 1/4 of their licence. Such practices lead to distraction and resultant danger. Likewise, draconian enforcement of the outdated and discredited 70MPH motorway limit on our safest roads in clear conditions is unwarranted and counter productive. ”

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