6 Nov 2016.
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Bristol Lollipop Patrol Money was Squandered on 20 Limits
Over-zealous expenditure on 20mph limits has made roads less safe for children.
20mph speed limit signBristol Council claims they can no longer afford crossing patrols 1 yet they recently spent £2.3 million on 20mph speed limits This would have been enough to fund the 67 lollipop patrols at £360,000 p.a. for 6.5 years.

ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
“We campaigned against Bristol Council's ineffective and wasteful 20mph limits, but they went ahead regardless. One of our arguments was that the £2.3 million could be better spent on more effective safety measures, notably including more crossing patrols.

Now they plan to scrap all crossing patrols. Removing crossing patrols is a dangerous step which could result in the very accidents the council and their 20 mph advocates are keen to prevent.

Well-meaning but ill-advised 20 limit campaigners must realise that money diverted to ineffective 20 limits will inevitably reduce the overall road safety budget which could result in death or injury.”

1. Daily Mail — Council prepares to axe ALL of its lollipop ladies: Bristol to lose crossing patrol staff to save £360,000-a-year
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