18 Nov 2016.
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Road Safety Week — Time To Stop Playing Politics With Our Roads
Lobby group, the Alliance of British Drivers are concerned that Road Safety Charity Brake (now Road Safety and Sustainable Transport Charity) are exploiting their 'Road Safety Week' to advocate a political modal shift agenda. The charity is advocating that people give up driving for the week, commencing 21st November, and to use alternate modes of transport.

The ABD believe that the role of road safety is to prevent accidents not prevent driving.

Spokesman Brian Gregory said:
“It is critical that we respond to accidents in the most effective way. We have long been concerned that the primary aim of many road safety interventions is to either discourage driving or raise revenue. These interventions are compromised and not therefore the most effective accident prevention remedies available. This could potentially cost further preventable loss of life or injury in the future.”
The ABD are also concerned that a politicised road safety agenda is sidelining and removing driving skills and good drivers from the road safety equation.

ABD Treasurer Hugh Bladon, a driver with 50 years and almost a million accident free miles said:
“We would encourage all drivers to get in their car and practice their driving skills including hazard spotting, anticipation and driving to the conditions: Constantly scan up and down the road ahead as far as possible, try to anticipate where a potential accident could occur and take preventative action before an incident occurs. Within a few weeks of practicing good driving habits they become second nature. Hazard perception, anticipation and responding to the prevailing and changing conditions are used by all road users including pedestrians and cyclists to prevent accidents.”
Every day millions of drivers get in their cars and successfully manage hundreds of potential incident risks week after week and year after year. We believe it is time their efforts are recognised and championed. The aim of all road safety organisations is to prevent accidents and casualties. Ordinary drivers like Hugh are already achieving these aims yet are hindered and penalised by the measures advocated by organisations such as Brake.

The ABD Advocates:
  1. An independent accident investigation board free from influence and vested interests.
    (Operating in the same manner as the AAIB and the MAIB.)
  2. An in depth investigation into the distracting effects of speed cameras following the study from Australia
  3. Independently set speed limits set solely for road safety reasons using the 85th percentile.
  4. The regulation and removal of financial incentives for speed awareness courses.
  5. Recognition and championing of good driving records.

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