1 Dec 2016.
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NICE But Dim Call For 50mph Motorway Limit Angers Drivers
Reports today claiming thousands of deaths as a result of the 70mph speed limit are ignoring the facts.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphreys explains:
“Time and again we hear campaigners blaming cars for all the world's ills. N.I.C.E. (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has fallen into this rhetoric and we should expect better from a professional body. Car emissions have never been lower and with record numbers of new cars sold recently, older cars with higher emissions; which are generally owned by those less able to afford a new car are vanishing from our roads.

Campaigners have a habit of targeting the car by blaming all emissions on cars when in reality, cars are now very clean indeed. ABD research has already shown public transport in the form of buses to be responsible for much of the pollution around towns and cities yet the car still gets the blame.

Some of the suggestions from N.I.C.E. do not pass scrutiny. Instead of continuously reducing speeds which causes more congestion and more emissions, we should invest in building more bypasses and replacing traffic lights with roundabouts to keep traffic moving and boost the economy.”
Nigel went on to say:
“We should scrap HS2 and spend the £60 Billion or more on the roads we need. This will minimise congestion by getting traffic flowing and reduce transport emissions in a way which does not include more speed cameras, more surveillance and more nanny state intervention in our daily lives. This post Brexit government needs to get a grip and start tackling the real transport problems in the UK and stop this nonsensical war on the car.”

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