3 Mar 2017.
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Drivers Must Have A Greater Say On Traffic Restrictions
Councils make little effort to publicize changes
All too often, drivers who are regular users of a road are suddenly confronted with a new traffic restriction they did not know was in the pipeline, such as a reduced speed limit. This is because many local authorities only carry out the bare minimum level of consultation that is legally required, so the people most affected do not have a chance to give their opinions. The ABD believes this needs to change, as it can lead to a vociferous minority of residents or anti-car activists having undue influence over the decision making process.

The ABD has, therefore, set up a petition on the Government website requiring traffic authorities to do more to ensure that ALL road users are made aware of proposed traffic restrictions. This should include, as a minimum, signs of adequate size to be provided along affected sections of road, showing what type of restriction is proposed (e.g. 'Proposed 20mph Speed Limit'), with a telephone number and/or website address where further details can be obtained and objections can be made. The petition is on the government Petition website

ABD Chairman, Brian Gregory, comments:
“The road network performs a vital economic function for the whole of society. This is especially true where roads provide more than just local access, so it is essential that a balance is struck between the desires of residents and the needs of the wider community. By ensuring that all users of a road are given the opportunity to comment on proposals that would affect them, a more balanced and less parochial range of views will be obtained.”

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