What is RSS?
RSS originally stood for Rich Site Summary — though you'll see later variations such as Really Simple Syndication. It is a text file in XML format that is typically used to display content from another website on your own website. Most often this content consists of news — hence the Really Simple Syndication acronym.
The ABD currently provides three RSS feeds: You'll see RSS buttons like the one on the right used to indicate RSS feeds elsewhere on our site (this one is just an example and doesn't do anything).
If you click one of these and your browser doesn't support RSS, you'll just see unformatted text. In which case we strongly suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or seeing if there is an add-on you can get to allow it to read RSS.
How to get our RSS feeds on your PC:

ABD News Widget How to get our RSS feeds on your Mac:

How to get our RSS feeds on your iPhone:

Using Multiple Devices?

You can add our feed to your Facebook profile, by using the Simply RSS app. Although note there are currently update problems with this app, meaning you may need to refresh it manually.
Google Homepage
You can add our feed to your Google homepage, just click "Add Stuff" and search for ABD.

To put the feed on the right of your page, just place the code into a TABLE with an ALIGN=RIGHT parameter.
Further Reading for Webmasters
We welcome feedback (pun intended) on the technical aspects of our RSS feeds. Please contact the webmaster.
Selected sites using or refering to our news feed