The Company
RedSpeed are a company who manufacture speed cameras.
They are based on the Birchen Coppice Trading Estate, Stourport Road, Kidderminster.
The company appears to have emerged from of what was left of Monitron International, which was put into administration in July 2004. However, the Monitron URL ( now goes to Peek Traffic who acquired products from Monitron in August 2004.
RedSpeed are based in the same premises formerly used by Monitron. We are unsure if there is any connection between RedSpeed and Peek Traffic.
The Cameras
RedSpeed speed cameras are digital and transmit data via phone to a central office, it is claimed this is done within two minutes. This means a fine could be on it's way to you before you even get home. The camera can be mounted on a 15ft pole and is thus claimed by the manufacturer to be 'vandal proof' — though it remains to be seen whether they are capable of withstanding determined attacks from those who destroy such devices as a means of political protest against the abuse of technology for extorting money from drivers.
Photos can be seen on the RedSpeed website.
Vehicles are detected using inductive loops buried in the road surface, so radar detectors won't pick them up. You'll need to look out for the yellow camera housing — which makes us wonder about the real reason for putting them on 15ft poles.
If you know of any other locations, or have a photo, please contact us.
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