❝A short saying oft contains much wisdom.❞
Sophocles (496BC – 406BC)

Our growing selection of quotes on greens / environmentalists / anti-car activists, from both the  good guys  and the  bad guys .
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Selected Quote
“The car is the last bastion of freedom — this must be overturned.”
Kristine Beuret
Social Research Associates & Leicester Pedestrians Association;
speaking at SERA conference 1997.
(Illustrating the kind of deranged nutter the Blair government was daft enough to listen to.)

Quotes pertaining to Environmentalists / Greens / Anti-car activists
“There were always extreme, irrational and mystical elements within our movement, but they tended to be kept in their place during the early years. Then in the mid-Eighties the ultraleftists and extremists took over. After Greenham Common closed and the Berlin Wall came down these extremists were searching for a new cause and found it in environmentalism. The old agendas of class struggle and anti-corporatism are still there but now they are dressed up in environmental terminology.”

“...we have an environmental movement that is run by people who want to fight, not to win.”
Dr Patrick Moore, founder member of Greenpeace,
writing in the Mail on Sunday
May 2000

“I now find that many environmental groups have drifted into self-serving cliques with narrow vision and rigid ideology. At the same time that business and government are embracing public participation and inclusiveness, many environmentalists are showing signs of elitism, left-wingism, and downright eco-fascism. The once politically centrist, science-based vision of environmentalism has been largely replaced with extremist rhetoric. Science and logic have been abandoned and the movement is often used to promote other causes such as class struggle and anti-corporatism. The public is left trying to figure out what is reasonable and what is not.”
Dr Patrick Moore again, on his Greenspirit website

“Like every other radical movement in history, the environmental lobby is at its most vulnerable when exposed to the Truth for a significant period of time. In the end, the facts will set us free.”
Joshua Livestro, writing in TCS

“... because auto use is massively popular, anti-car advocates find it prudent to disguise their opposition to cars by calling for measures for which some other goal can be claimed — saving old cities, preserving the environment, encouraging cycling.”
John Finley Scott
Professor of Sociology, Emeritus, University of California
The Danger to Cycling of Anti-Car Advocacy 2003

“Environmental organizations are formenting false fears in order to promote agendas and raise money.”
Michael Crichton
2004-12-10 ABC News

“It's clear from the tone of the anti-4x4 campaigners that they have a sense of moral outrage quite unrelated to rational analysis.”
Timandra Harkness, Spiked

“I'm amazed a seemingly sensible chap like Palin has anything to do with these nutters, he must be either totally isolated from reality or being payed shed loads, shame really as I had him down as a gentleman not a freeloading hypocrite.”
'apache' voices his opinion of Michael Palin's involvement with Transport 2000
Pistonheads forum

“We have some concerns about the objectivity of the IPCC process, with some of its emissions scenarios and summary documentation apparently influenced by political considerations. There are significant doubts about some aspects of the IPCC's emissions scenario exercise ... the Government should press the IPCC to change their approach. There are some positive aspects t o global warming and these appear to have been played down in the IPCC reports ... "”
'The Economics of Climate Change' (479k pdf)
House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs

“We will double our emissions in the next five years because we are doubling our traffic. But if preserving the environment means stopping poor people flying so only the rich can fly, then screw it.”
Michael O'Leary
Chief Executive

“While the confident pronouncements of scientifically unqualified environmental groups may provide for sensational headlines, they are no basis for mature policy formulation.”
“there is no "consensus" among climate scientists about the relative importance of the various causes of global climate change”
“'Climate change is real' is a meaningless phrase used repeatedly by activists to convince the public that a climate catastrophe is looming and humanity is the cause. Neither of these fears is justified. Global climate changes all the time due to natural causes and the human impact still remains impossible to distinguish from this natural 'noise'.”
60 climate scientists
in an open letter to Canadian PM Stephen Harper

“This is not a moralistic campaign. We don't have a totalitarian mentality. We don't want to control the private life of every citizen. It's up to each person to take the measures he wishes.”
Josˇ Manuel Barroso, EC President
responding to an attack by Friends of the Earth
Daily Telegraph

“Al Gore is one of these guys that preaches the end of the world type of things. I think he's doing a great disservice and he doesn't know what he's talking about.”
Dr. William Gray
Emeritus Professor
Atmospheric Science Department
Colorado State University
ABC News

“F1 is about racing. It`s about sportsmen competing with each other at the top of their game. I can't see how you can apply the technology it uses to fuel-saving effect in road cars.
If people within the sport want to be seen to do something for the environment, they should stop racing. I think there`s a lot done for appearances as far as the environment`s concerned.”
Damon Hill
Cutting thru F1's eco-bullshit like a knife thru butter.

“Under the guise of saving the planet from the carbon footprint of humanity, Environmentalism cannot disguise is profound anti-human bias. Like the totalitarian Church that ruled in the West for more than 1000 years, we see this same distrust of human freedom being touted everywhere. The current paranoia about carbon dioxide, which is the basis of all life on the planet, has become the grand pretext to push for more centralism, more mass planning, and more regulations over every aspect of human life. This is not the pathway blazed by the fathers of our liberal democracies. It is the pathway of social control (Marxism), and it is the antithesis of those personal human freedoms which are still the greatest force for human progress on the planet.”
Robert D. Brinsmead

“For a century, an ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous knowledge class — social planners, scientists, intellectuals, experts and their left-wing political allies — arrogated to themselves the right to rule either in the name of the oppressed working class (communism) or, in its more benign form, by virtue of their superior expertise in achieving the highest social progress by means of state planning (socialism).
Two decades ago, however, socialism and communism died rudely, then were buried forever by the empirical demonstration of the superiority of market capitalism everywhere from Thatcher's England to Deng's China, where just the partial abolition of socialism lifted more people out of poverty more rapidly than ever in human history.
Just as the ash heap of history beckoned, the intellectual left was handed the ultimate salvation: environmentalism. Now the experts will regulate your life not in the name of the proletariat or Fabian socialism but — even better — in the name of Earth itself.”
Charles Krauthammer
Washington Post

Quotes from the bad guys
“The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
Club of Rome

“It doesn't matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.”
Paul Watson
co-founder of Greenpeace

“We now know that automobiles have a cumulative impact on the global environment — a mortal threat to the security of every nation that is more deadly than that of any military enemy we are ever again likely to confront.”
Al Gore
'Earth in the Balance'

“The car is the last bastion of freedom — this must be overturned.”
“The Highways Agency should act as a management authority allocating permits to drive into towns. People should be made to wait at the perimeter until a space becomes available.”
“People who live in the country say they need to drive into towns — I say it's their fault for living in the country.”
Kristine Beuret
Social Research Associates & Leicester Pedestrians Association;
speaking at SERA conference 1997

“We must reduce the convenience, ease and low marginal cost of car use.”
Councillor Dave Merrett
City of York Council;
speaking at SERA conference 1997

“We have to eventually start restricting people's use of travel.”
Roger Higham
Friends of the Earth
'Dimbleby', ITV

“A climate change response must have at its heart a redistribution of wealth and resources”
Emma Brindal
Friends of the Earth