❝A short saying oft contains much wisdom.❞
Sophocles (496BC – 406BC)

Our growing selection of quotes relating to health, especially related to driving issues, from both the  good guys  and the  bad guys .
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Alan Titchmarsh
Daily Telegraph

Quotes pertaining to Health
“The motor must have very much reduced the incidental deaths in such ways as making it easier for doctors to visit their patients, in conveying those patients to hospital more quickly and comfortably, in enabling fire engines to reach fires quicker, and possibly in other ways, such as its having eliminated the filth due to horses in the streets of the cities. I am as old as the motor vehicle, and I can still remember the horrible mess in the London streets, and in the mews at the back of the big houses. This must have caused much fly-borne disease.”
J J Leeming
'Road Accidents: Prevent or Punish', 1969

“Air pollution does not cause asthma”
“There is no correlation between levels of vehicle emissions and asthma incidence”
Dr Kenneth Calman,
Government Chief Medical Officer,
Department of Health Study on the Causes of Asthma, 1995

“Pollution does not cause bronchitis or asthma, nor does wearing a so-called anti-pollution mask do anything except identify the wearer as a sucker”
Professor Emeritus Stanley Feldman,
Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School,
London Weekly Times

“Just walking children to school is not going to increase physical activity or stem the rise in obesity.”
Brad Metcalf, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
BBC — School runs do not cause obesity

“Making people aware of the dangers is obviously really important and will work better than telling them what to do, because no one likes being told what to do. We're not telling people not to drink, just to make sure that they make the right decisions. There are some youngsters out there for whom I'm a sort of role model so hopefully they'll look at me and see what is good for me can be good for them. I'm in a position where I am able to get a positive message out and, hopefully, youngsters will listen to what I have to say because behaving responsibly with alcohol is a part of my life too."”
Lewis Hamilton
The Scotsman

Quotes from the bad guys