An analysis of fatal accidents in the UK since 1978, shows that the change in emphasis from traffic policing to speed cameras has resulted in some 5000 extra deaths.

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This graph shows:
   The actual number of fatal accidents for 1978 to 1993.
   The number of fatal accidents that would have occured between 1994 and 2002 had the 1978–1993 downward trend continued.
   The number of deaths that have occured in excess of this trend.

It is abundantly clear that a change occured in 1994 with a drastic reduction in the rate at which accidents were reducing, and that the fatal accident rate has failed to show any major reduction since, even increasing in 2001.
1994 was the year that speed cameras began to hit drivers with a vengeance with over 100,000 convictions; and was during a period in which the government was spending millions trying to brainwash the public with the simplistic slogan 'speed kills'.
ABD Press Release 368 — Lower speeds, but more deaths than expected for fifth year