A45/A445 Ryton-on-Dunsmore
Junction Improvement Scheme

Comments by the Association of British Drivers
January 2002

In late 2001, the Highways Agency proposed the construction of a new roundabout at the junction of the A45 and A445 near Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire. Below are the comments of the Association of British Drivers on this proposal.
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It is stated that there have been 21 accidents in 5 years on this stretch of the A45, yet no details of the severity, nor exact causes of these accidents, nor what constitutes "this stretch", have been provided. Nonetheless, the Association of British Drivers recognizes that improvements to the stated junction would clearly improve road safety.

Junction Type

Whilst we approve of the suggested junction improvements, we consider that a full graded junction with entry and exit sliproads would be better for all concerned.

The A45 passes through a natural dip in the vicinity of the junction and thus lends itself to a bridge to allow the A445 to pass over the A45. This would allow vehicles joining the A45 to accelerate more easily as they would be travelling downhill, thus reducing noise and pollution. In addition a very wide central reservation would make construction of such a junction easier.

There are existing graded junctions on the A45 (A4071, A423). In addition it has been announced that the A45 junction at Packington near Meriden is to be turned into a graded junction. Both these factors demonstrate the appropriateness of such a junction to this road.

We thus urge the Highways Agency to consider the construction of a full graded junction.

Other Issues

50MPH limit

The ABD considers the 50MPH speed limit imposed on the A45 between the A445 junction and the A46 junction to be totally unnecessary. This is a rural dual carriageway with central reservation equipped with a crash barrier. Even a narrow single carriageway rural road has a 60MPH limit, so a 50MPH limit on this road cannot be justified.

Drivers on the A445 trying to cross the A45, say that it's now harder than ever due to traffic bunching more at the slower speed. Thus far from improving road safety, the 50MPH limit has made it worse.

The 50MPH limit encompasses a long stretch of dual carriageway with no junctions past the Peugeot factory, and an existing graded junction. In both cases the 50MPH limit is clearly unnecessary and serves only to bring speed limits into disrepute.

Absurdly, the 50MPH limit ends immediately prior to the A46 junction where a 60MPH limit re-appears just as vehicles need to be slowing down for the roundabout!

The ABD calls for the 50MPH speed limit on the A45 be removed.

A45 60MPH limit

The ABD does not accept the need for a 60MPH limit on the rural sections of the A45 between Birmingham and the M45. This is a high speed dual carriageway with central reservation equipped with crash barriers. A 60MPH limit is not necessary and the road should be "National Speed Limit Applies".

Speed Cameras

The Truvelo camera maliciously hidden behind a road sign on the westbound carriageway of the A45 is a blatant example of the desire of the authorities to extort money from drivers rather than reduce accidents. If the desire was to reduce accidents this camera would be in clear view and painted in bright colours.

Improvements to the A45/A445 junction will remove the justification for the installation of these cameras.

The ABD thus seeks an assurance that the speed cameras will be removed once the junction improvements are complete.



Follow Ups
Related matters subsequent to the above submission.

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