A selection of miscellaneous books of interest to drivers.
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Can We Trust the BBC?
by Robin Aitken
Based on the author's 25 years of experience working for the BBC, this book argues that the Corporation's own pervasive left-wing political culture imperils its impartiality. It demonstrates how some groups and viewpoints get favourable treatment while others are left out in the cold.
Daily Mail article
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Intellectual Morons:
How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas
by Daniel J. Flynn
Why does former vice president Al Gore believe that cars pose "a mortal threat to the security of every nation"? Flynn takes a look at how media, political, and academic elites in America are blinded to reality by the causes they serve and how their slavish devotion to bad ideas harms the country.
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The Motorist's Guide to Parking Tickets
by John Squires
Written by an ex-local government officer with over 25 years experience in traffic management and parking the guide is designed to help motorists avoid parking tickets and how to challenge any that have been incorrectly or unfairly issued.
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The Motorway Achievement -
Building the Network:
The North West of England
by Harry L Yeadon
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I Know You Got Soul
by Jeremy Clarkson
JC takes a look at machines with soul: The Flying Scotsman, Ferrari F40, Concorde, the Hoover Dam, the Titanic, and more.
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Drive On!
A Social History of the Motor Car
by L.J.K. Setright

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Roundabouts of Great Britain
by Kevin Beresford

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The Highway Code
Do you have the latest version?

Also available:
Rheolau'r Ffordd Fawr: Highway Code — Welsh Edition

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Know Your Traffic Signs
Official publication by the Department for Transport
Check your local council is using legal signs!

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Road Policing 2007
by Fraser Sampson
Blackstone's Police Manual
Endorsed by National Police Training, this is the official reference work for police officers, covering all aspects of road traffic law and procedure.
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The Daily Telegraph Guide to Motoring Law
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Law without a Lawyer
by Fenton Bresler
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Sorry, Wrong Number!
The Abuse of Measurement
A book about numbers, those "abstract entities that rain down upon us from Government, the Civil Service, the Press, advertisers, academics, special interest groups and a host of others that seek to influence us.
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The Darwin Awards II:
More True Stories of How Dumb Humans Have Met Their Maker
by Wendy Northcutt
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Backfire: A Passion for Cars and Motoring
by Alan Clark
Here was one MP who made a total mockery of the do-gooders of driving, relishing in doing 140 on the M20, dicing with anybody he could find and with an immense passion for old cars. It's a great read.

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