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Show The Tax

Retailers: Got a spare slot on your display board? Show the tax!
Fed up with the price of petrol?
Read on if you want to do something about it.

Did you know that petrol is over £5 a gallon now?
Pricing in litres has hidden this fact.

Did you know it has gone up over 50% since 1997?
Have your wages gone up this much?

Did you know that around two-thirds of the price of petrol is tax?
For every £50 you spend at the pumps, you only get £17 of petrol.

The government pushed up tax whilst oil prices were falling so that nobody noticed. Now oil prices have returned to previous levels, pump prices are shooting up.

And don't forget that VAT is charged fuel tax too — a tax on a tax.
Do you think high fuel taxes are inevitable because the Government has to raise taxes from somewhere? Wrong.
Why should an essential like fuel be taxed at several hundred %, when heating fuel is only taxed at 5%? Poorer motoring families are hit hardest — a rural family earning £15,000 per annum and running two modest cars pays more in fuel tax than in income tax. Thats not fair. Transport is the lifeblood of the economy, so taxing it until the pips squeak is actually harming the economy and reducing tax revenues elsewhere.

Not content with imposing extortionate tax on fuel, the treasury have the audacity to tax you on the tax!


1 Support the ABD’s SHOW THE TAX campaign by asking your local petrol station to SHOW THE TAX and DISPLAY THE ABD TAX CALCULATION

2 Join the Association of British Drivers — the only organisation dedicated solely to fighting for the British Driver.

Show The Tax
Acme Filing Station Ltd
40 LTR UNL PREM     £9.72

Fuel Tax is a stealth tax. The govenment only get away with it because people don’t realise how much they are paying. If everyone knew, the level of petrol tax would become an election issue and the votes of Britains 33 million motorists would do the rest.

Remember that the real culprit is the government, not the fuel companies, and certainly not petrol retailers!

Petrol Companies & Retailers:
Protect your business and the interests of your customers.
Show the tax on your receipts and signs!


Print out the letter and tax calculation and give it to the petrol station next time you fill up.
Each is available in two formats.

Letter to petrol stations
Example of fuel tax calculation
You may need to adjust page layout to get these to print on one page.
You should also turn off the printing of page headers and footers.

Letter GIFCalculation GIF
Right-click the link and select "Save Link As ..." or "Save Target As ..."
You will need to have a graphics package capable of fitting these to one page.


If every motorist was reminded how much tax they are paying every time they filled up, the political pressure for change would be unstoppable.


Email your family, friends, and colleagues with this URL. http://www.abd.org.uk/show-tax.htm


Call 07000 781544 or write to PO Box 2228, Kenley, Surrey, CR8 5ZT

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Who are the ABD?

We are a totally independent organisation which receives no external funding and is run entirely in the spare time of people just like you — drivers or cars and trucks, and motorcyclists, who have had enough of being taken for a ride and have vowed to do something about it.


Show The Tax

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