The Home Office has declared that speed cameras should be brightly painted and not hidden behind objects. Help them by using our audit form to report any that do not comply.

If a speed enforcement site (fixed or mobile) is in an area participating in the revenue hypothecation scheme it must adhere in full to the guidelines shown on the form. If it fails to do so, you are entitled to demand to know what remedial action will be taken — and by when — to bring this site back into compliance with Home Office guidelines.

The current areas involved are Cambridgeshire, Cleveland, Derbyshire, Essex, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, North Wales, Northamptonshire, Nottingham, South Wales, Staffordshire, Strathclyde, Thames Valley and Warwickshire. A further 12 forces have just applied to join, and more are expected to apply soon.

If, however, the enforcement site involved is not in an area currently participating in the revenue hypothecation scheme, you can only use this audit form to highlight deviations from Home Office guidelines and to recommend remedial action.


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