Stern Report not the Biggest Show in Town.
The 700 page Stern report, the views of one individual on how we should tackle climate change, is far from the biggest show in town when it comes to addressing the most significant threats facing mankind today.
In 2004 Bjorn Lomborg gathered together in Copenhagen a group of the worlds leading high flyers in areas as such as economics, politics and conflict resolution to prioritize problems facing life on earth as we know it. These leading experts in their fields concluded that HIV/AIDs is the most significant problem facing the world today and that an investment of $27 billion would prevent 28 million deaths and return benefits 40 times greater than the investment.
A previous climate change beanfeast for politicians and activists, attended by Michael 'Multiple Homes' Meacher and John 'Three Jags' Prescott had an opportunity to provide clean drinking water for those in poverty who lack it, instead they ate fine foods while deciding to frittter our money on the pointless Kyoto Protocol which will do absolutely nothing for the world's poor, as indicated by Professor Deepak Lal in a biting Delhi lecture attacking the cultural imperialism of the green movement.
While reading of bogus sums of money expressed in trillions of pounds, real sums of ten times this amount will be squandered over a pointless protocol incapable of doing anything except sitting on shelves. Europe is so far adrift it might well start banning dry ice fire extinguishers in desperation.
Climate change, over which we have no control as it is driven by natural processes such as activity on the Sun, the Milankovitch cycles and volcanism, came resolutely at the bottom of the list of concerns for the experts, who gathered in Copenhagen — it appeared just below guest worker programmes for unskilled migrant workers.
While Mr. Stern is entitled to his opinion it would be madness for government to base a system of taxation or social control upon this opinion when a group of leading experts concluded that climate change was the lest deserving of all the threats currently facing mankind.
What does Mr. Stern know that Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati, Prof. Robert Fogel or Prof. Nancy Stokey don't? The answer is absolutely nothing and that is why his opinions, as presented in this report, are unworthy of the attention of ministers and should be allowed to have no impact upon how this country is run.
If the British Government want to impose more taxes on an already overtaxed and over-controlled populace then let them be honest and say so. The electoral consequences are easily predictable, which is why we see green eyed envy taxes foisted on the country in order to achieve red redistributiion of wealth. Motorists will need to be prepared for more bouts of driver bashing at the hands of uninformed extremists, and that's merely the politicians.
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