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Show The Tax

Dear Forecourt Manager


As a petrol station operator, you will be only too aware of the recent large rises in the price of petrol and diesel fuels.

Although the most recent increases in pump prices have occurred because of the rise in international oil prices, the real reason for high prices is taxation. The Blair Government was able to increase fuel tax enormously in its first two years in office because the fall in oil prices masked the effects.

Now the chickens have come home to roost, many people accuse the oil companies and forecourt operators like yourself of profiteering at the public's expense. The ABD knows that nothing could be further from the truth — the high taxes have hurt your profits just as they have hit the motorist hard.

It is time to make sure that the blame for sky high petrol prices and diminishing profits for petrol retailers is placed squarely where it belongs — with the Government.

Fuel is the most highly taxed consumer product, and this is unfair and unacceptable. A rural family on a modest income running two cars can easily pay more in fuel tax than income tax.

The first step towards making these stealth taxes politically unacceptable is to raise awareness of just how high they are.

That is why we want forecourts to SHOW THE TAX people are paying on petrol.

We are convinced that, once the public is fully aware of just how much tax they are paying on their essential motoring, fuel taxes will become an election issue.

Please support this campaign.

Brian Gregory
Association of British Drivers